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                Mobile: 13590158863
                QQ: 1215473507
                Tel: 0755-32821388 Zip code: 518000
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                Battery Pack Customization, 18650 Lithium Battery Pack Production_Minas Technology
                10 years to focus on corporate building materials custom furniture!



                Work safety standardization certificate 5000-10000 mA polymer battery GB31241-2014 certification 3000-5000 mA polymer battery GB31241-2014 certification 1800-3000 mA polymer core GB31241-2014 certification

                ABOUT US

                ABOUT US

                Shenzhen Minasi Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production, processing and sales of mobile power battery cells. Products include: Lithium battery pack, battery pack, 18650 battery, polymer battery and other products. The company provides a strong guarantee for pr... Details+

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                Lithium battery terminology
                Lithium battery terminology

                The amount of electricity that a lithium battery can give under certain discharge conditions is called the capacity of a lithium battery and is expressed by the symbol C (Capacity).

                Commonly used units are ampere hours, referred to as Anshi (Ah) or mAh (mA)



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